Code of Conduct


You can be dressed or undressed, as you like.  

We are just happy to work !!!

Code of Conduct Definitions
  1.  Provider (Cleaner)  referral company (All Naturist Cleaning Service) for nude cleaning or semi dressed or fully dressed services .
  2.  Client (You)  is the person or company requiring the service requested. You should talk a read at the Policies and Procedures.


We keep your name, address, keys, details of the services we provide to you, and all other information secure & confidential.


Your Cleaner will notify the office when he begins and ends each cleaning session, so we know he is safe. You, as the client, assume responsibility for his safety as well. Please do not ask the Cleaner to perform any duties cleaning or otherwise that might make him feel unsafe.


Any form of photography or recording during the Cleaning has to be agreeable to both parties  the Cleaner and the Client  as they are adults.

Engaging in Physical or Sexually

In the event  of any Engaging in Physical or Sexually provocative behavior you are:

Not to encourage or participate in an intimate and/or sexual relationship with the Cleaners or also known as the Contractor.

Not to engage in inappropriate physical or sexually provocative behavior with vulnerable with the Cleaners.

Not to make sexually suggestive or lewd comments to a Contractor, even in fun.

Not to develop relationships with a Contractor which could in any way be deemed exploitive or abusive.

Not to act in ways that may be deemed abusive or may place Contractor at a risk of abuse.

Not to physically hit a Contractor, reduce them to tears as a form of control, or intentionally shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade them.

Not to allow Contractors to engage in unacceptable behavior or use offensive or discriminatory language without being challenged.

Not to expose Contractors to environments or circumstances or allow them to engage in activities that compromise their health or personal safety.

Not to condone or participate in behavior of Contractors, which is illegal, abusive or exposes anyone to any degree of danger or risk (that may or may not lead to injury, distress or illness).

Not to create or access any form of pornography, including via the internet, which may be accessed by Contractors during the performance of their services.

Not to be intoxicated, use or offer alcohol or any form of drugs to the Contractor whilst in the promises.

Service Agreement

Booking a Cleaner to clean your living space indicates that you fully understand and agree to abide by the following policies. Either All Naturist Cleaning Service or you, the client, can terminate services at any time, providing at least 24 hours’ notice.

If you have any questions about what is appropriate, ask your cleaner.

We are “NOT an Escort Service “are not on our list of services.

“Client” should of read the “Code of Conduct “and understand these policies and will abide by them.