Are you a Naturist Worker?

We are looking to train people who have a positive attitude and can be relied upon to achieve all parts of the position.

Applicants should:

  • Be excited about being nude to work everyday
  • Be capable of providing outstanding customer service
  • Be comfortable working in a fast paced environment
  • Be comfortable with working indoors and if needed outdoors year round
  • Love the idea of building, and being part of, an exciting new brand

Our Mission: To create awesome cleaning to dirty world, one nudist at a time!

The Opportunity: Nudist Cleaning Technicians

We are looking for hard working, enthusiastic, motivated and goal driven leaders who recognize the importance of delivering remarkable service experiences. Be part of an exciting, unique brand, while providing  cleaning and exterior cleaning services if possible to residential and commercial clients.

If you’re awesome, dedicated and fun – please apply!

To apply online, write “Nudist Cleaning Technician” in your subject line and attach a cover letter.

In your cover letter tell us why you think this company and position is meant for you!   (If you want to send a picture, side profile it can nude or not)

We thank all applicants for their interest. Due to the large volume of applications received, only those most qualified for an interview will be contacted.





Hotel Room Cleaned While You’re In It? Nude or Not

Today housekeeping knocked on my door at around 1PM. At that point I realized I forgot to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, which was because I was out of the room for a few hours in the morning, and forgot to put it back on when I returned to the room.

*Knock knock knock* “Hoooousekeeping hoooousekeeping hoooousekeeping”
“Yes, coming.”
*Knock knock knock* “Hoooousekeeping hoooousekeeping hoooousekeeping”
*Open door*
“Hi, I’m actually leaving at 3PM if that’s okay.”

She proceeds to open the door all the way and put the stopper against the door.

“I’m leaving in about two hours, so maybe you could come back then?”
“Okay, no problem.”

She continues to bring her cleaning materials into the room. Once she started flushing the toilet and turning on the sink I said “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“Okay, no problem.”

So have I been living under a (hotel) rock for years? Am I the only one that finds it strange that they’d clean the room while I’m in it, or is that the norm and I’ve just been “missing out” all along?

1st February, 2020 will be… Working Naked Day

How you feel about nudism

There is such a thing as Working Naked Day! When you think about work, I’m sure nakedness isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. What about if you think about working from home?  Still no?   Well, if you did work from home, you could, in theory, work naked and who would know right?

Well, that is the whole idea for this holiday – to honor the freedom that working from home allows you.

How to Celebrate Working Naked Day

If you want to celebrate all the great advantages that come with working from home, look around your working space. Do you need to give the space a facelift? Take some time to plan it. Fresh paint, a new chair, or even just a plant or two can make the area feel new and fresh.

The result may make itself clear in improved creativity or productivity. Another thing you can do is investigate new technologies that you may not know about for the home office. It takes courage to work from home and courage to try new things.

380176 (2)Honor yourself for both and you may find that you make your work-from-home life much easier.

Cleaning is Barely a New Solution! Or is it?

tumblr_p6lf4yQYMa1xoy8hbo1_500Barely an Organised Day Goes By.  Well that's my job to Organism it! 

Today, I just read on Craigslist an advertisement that  reads: “Hi, I will do your housework while I am totally naked. Cleaning, washing floors, vacuuming, dusting,  and unloading your dishwasher.

You just relax and I do the chores that now will not be abore!  I’m a friendly and easy to likable, and a nudist man at heart.

When I was going to nude resorts, I was speaking to all kinds of people who were saying that there weren’t services available for naturists or people who enjoy a nudist lifestyle.

So, the idea grew over time and I started the business as a sideline for myself. I enjoy being nude whenever possible, and being in the company of others. Demand grew steadily, driven mainly by referrals, which showed that there was a market for this kind of service.

One of my early clients were a young husband and wife who were in their 30s and wanted to be in the  naturist lifestyle.   I went there a few times and they enjoyed having the house cleaned as they were busy professionals that had little time to be around during the week.. This was really a great way to meet new people but also connect with humans instead of app’s and texting.  As you get to know people you find that we are on a very connective level.

If you have a cleaner that comes to your house or your business, you want someone who will be confidential and who will respect your lifestyle, without having to make excuses or feeling that it’s an intrusion. It’s also about trust, which is such an important thing when someone is working in your home —  supervised or unsupervised. You want to feel confident.

Since we are busy now I am looking into expanding the business.  Painting, Handyman work, these are things that are getting popular.    See my blog in the month or two and see what happens…..

So please bare with me in the future, as I see it’s growing strong.