Summer is Here – Basements need work

Basement work cleaning1tumblr_p362v0nPhc1shwwdfo1_540

Bare Cleaning is Needed in the Basement

There are many places where mould can form in your home and for a variety of reasons. Mould can be visible to the naked eye or can be hidden in places where it’s not so visible and apparent such as underneath carpets, behind floorboards, underneath vinyl floors, or behind walls. Asides from mould which is obviously visible to the naked eye, another indicator that you have mould is a musty smell.


Your basement or crawlspace is the on of the most crucial areas to eliminate moisture. The first step is to remove or reduce as much as possible any organic material where mould likes to grow. At least make sure these types of items are not sitting under pipes that has condensation, or rests on bare concrete.

When it’s warm and humid outside, using a dehumidifier can greatly reduce the moisture content. Try to eliminate any standing water, and ensure any pipes which are leaking are immediately repaired.


Moisture and mould problems must be addressed immediately as the situation can only worsen and possibly begin to infect your health. Although small areas of mould can be cleaned up by yourself, often what you can see is only a small portion of the real mould damage.




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